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Use Rhythm as a Facilitative Resource

Today more than ever, people development requires innovative and dynamic programming.

To create effective learning situations, curricula, while being substantiated with necessary pedagogic information, must also be engaging and encompass life lessons and core values. Curricula must grab the learner’s attention by providing experiential activities that are relevant, motivating, and memorable.

The Rhythm Play!™ book and training programs offer research-proven, rhythm-based experiences that have been shown to create neurological receptivity to learning. Both the book and trainings provide simple, effective, kinesthetic activities that integrate affective and leadership skill development in an atmosphere of community music making.

Learn more about teaching rhythm and child creativity in the classroom.

Why Use Rhythm?

  • Integrating rhythm allows facilitators to present programs that integrate seldom used modalities as explored in Howard Gardener’s work; i.e. Musical Learning.
  • Rhythm activities also include auditory, kinesthetic, spatial, and interpersonal learning modalities.
  • Rhythm sessions accelerate the development of affective skills, including:
    Active listening | Clear Communication | Cooperation | Following Directions
    Respect for self and others - Diversity | Creativity

    While having fun themselves, facilitators, teachers or trainers develop an understanding of how rhythm and movement positively impact learning and team development.  The activities accelerate learning, promote inclusion, enhance motivation, and support retention of information and concepts.

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How can I order a book?

Rhythm Play!™ is available in paperback with an audio CD or in Adobe PDF format.

For more information or to order your copy, click here to order Rhythm Play!™, or click here to e-mail Kenya.

Praise for Rhythm Play!™

I wanted to write and say how much I LOVE the book.  I have been working with a group of extremely intense children and I have been spending 30-45 minutes of each weekly session doing activities from your book.  The activities are awesome, and I love the way that you have built levels and variations into each activity.  Your activities seem tailored to what I'm doing.  Everything has gone over very well... THANK YOU again for your wonderful work and for sharing your genius. 

E. Nolf Teacher

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