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Rhythm Play!™ Training Logistics

For Teachers

The fully interactive training sessions for elementary and middle school teachers are filled with practical, rhythm-based ideas and activities using easy to find and play rhythm instruments.

While having fun themselves, teachers of all subject areas develop an understanding of how rhythm and movement positively impact learning across the curriculum. Participants are immediately able to put to use, dozens of exciting activities they can readily adapt to their specific grade level. The activities accelerate learning, promote inclusion, enhance motivation, and support retention of information and concepts.

Program Logistics:
  • Time: 3 hrs (minimum) to 6 hrs.
  • Space: The room set up requires armless chairs arranged in a semi circle around the room. Please note that these presentations can be loud and shouldn’t be scheduled at times or in/near rooms where silence or low noise is required.
  • Materials: Drum and/or percussion instruments are provided for every Teacher Participant.
  • Curriculum Materials: We also provide up to 20 copies of the activity book with CD, and lesson plan ideas as requested.
    To provide the best learning experience possible, the program is typically limited to a maximum of 40 participants per session.

For Students

Rhythm-based sessions are research-proven to generate motivation and enthusiasm for learning. Through our skillfully designed rhythm activities (using drums and/or other percussion instruments that we provide), students learn specific elements of mathematics, language arts, geography and science.

The trainers guide the group’s interaction so that students also learn essential affective skills and community values, including communication, active listening, responsibility and respect. Classroom sessions can also be presented as extremely engaging and educational school assemblies, mixing elements of performance with a fully interactive learning session.

Program Logistics:

  • Time: 50 minutes
  • Space: Classroom or MPR with armless chairs arranged in a circle (Please note that these sessions are loud; keep that in mind as you plan.)
  • Materials: Drums and/or percussion instrument are provided for every student (up to 40 students at a time)
  • Curriculum Materials: For pre and post session activities if requested.

How can I order a book?

Rhythm Play!™ is available in paperback with an audio CD or in Adobe PDF format.

For more information or to order your copy, click here to order Rhythm Play!™, or click here to e-mail Kenya.

Praise for Rhythm Play!™

Thank you for providing Rhythm Play! as a resource for our challenge course conference. It had a great impact on the workshop I taught.  Ropes Course Facilitators are always looking for new initiatives, and Rhythm Play! offers a relatively untapped medium in our industry.  My success in leading your activities is a testimony to the clarity of your writing.  We ended the workshop with "Rhythm Machine" and enjoyed it so much we kept our instruments and preformed it again in front of the whole conference at lunch.

Dan Bragdon
Youth Programs Director

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