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the original rhythm activity book
Rhythm Play!™,
The Book of Rhythm Activities and Rhythm Games

The book, Rhythm Play, is a wonderful resource filled with rhythm activities, initiatives, and rhythm games for adults, facilitators, teachers, & kids.

Written and Published by Kenya Masala. Illustrations by Crystal Presence and Gabriela Masala.

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Use Rhythm as a Creative Teaching Tool

Looking for a way to use rhythm as a creative teaching and facilitation tool? You've found the book for all the rhythm activities and rhythm games you’ll need to turn your classroom in to a creative, dynamic place of learning.

Learn more about teaching rhythm and child creativity in the classroom.

You don't need to be a musician or a music teacher to enjoy the rhythm activities!

Whether you are a beginner, part time jam artist, or seasoned musician, the rhythm activities in this book will give you hours of new ways to groove and play rhythms with others. Add an auditory component to your experiential programming!

You, (or your participants) need no background in music to present or participate in the activities. The rhythm activities are designed for "auditory teambuilding."

All activities use easy to find instruments: Egg Shakers, Drum Sticks, Boomwhackers® Tuned Percussion Tubes, and REMO Sound Shapes®. Plus, find excellent ideas on expanding your instrument collection with fun, durable, and inexpensive materials from any hardware store. The activities are great for participants of all ages, and the book includes links to FREE MP3's with rhythms and songs.

View examples of the rhythm activities and rhythm games found in the book.

What's in Rhythm Play!™?

The book includes:

  • Over three dozen rhythm activities and rhythm games for easy to find (and make) percussion instruments - including, shakers, drum sticks, Boomwhackers®, Tuned Percussion Tubes, and REMO Sound Shapes®.
  • FREE links to MP3 files featuring background pulse tracks to guide the speed of certain activities and vocal tracks that include the call and response songs "Bambale" and "Che Che Kule."

The book is 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, with 144 pages.

View examples of the rhythm activities and rhythm games found in the book.

How can I order a book?

Rhythm Play! is available in paperback with links to FREE MP3's or as an Adobe PDF.

For more information or to order your copy, click here to order Rhythm Play!™, or click here to e-mail Kenya.

Praise for Rhythm Play™!

Thank you for providing Rhythm Play! as a resource for our challenge course conference. It had a great impact on the workshop I taught.  Ropes Course Facilitators are always looking for new initiatives, and Rhythm Play! offers a relatively untapped medium in our industry.  My success in leading your activities is a testimony to the clarity of your writing.  We ended the workshop with "Rhythm Machine" and enjoyed it so much we kept our instruments and preformed it again in front of the whole conference at lunch.

Dan Bragdon, Youth Programs Director

View more testimonials about the rhythm activities and rhythm games found in the book.


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