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Rhythm Play!™ Testimonials

The following are testimonials from teachers, facilitators, program directors and others that have used the rhythm activities and games found in Rhythm Play, or have taken a facilitator training.

Praise for the Rhythm Play!™ Book and Activities

I came back to school yesterday and just flipped it open and used the World Tour. My kids loved it and I had a lot of fun too! This morning, my fourth graders and I made a rhythm recipe of deep dish pizza and right now my fifth graders are in their small groups writing their rhythm stories! I can't wait to hear them. This is a great book!

K Gibson
Music Specialist, Coppell Independent School District

Thank you for providing Rhythm Play! as a resource for our challenge course conference. It had a great impact on the workshop I taught.  Ropes Course Facilitators are always looking for new initiatives, and Rhythm Play! offers a relatively untapped medium in our industry.  My success in leading your activities is a testimony to the clarity of your writing.  We ended the workshop with "Rhythm Machine" and enjoyed it so much we kept our instruments and preformed it again in front of the whole conference at lunch.

Dan Bragdon
Youth Programs Director

Thank you for the wonderful ideas you have passed along in your Rhythm Activity Book! Our participants were laughing, loosening up and totally engaged! We have all ages (from 11 to 77) in the group - and they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves.We got the book only a couple of days ago - and with the results of this one activity - we can't wait to try more!  Thank you, again.

Ken Ferree

I've been selecting activities out of your Rhythm Play™ Book. You have many that are fun twists on some I knew already and others I've never done. The way you have the activities organized and your descriptions of the teaching process is super.

L Pittsley
Music Teacher

Praise for the Rhythm Play!™ Facilitator Training

Kenya's ease, presence and warmth as a facilitator is incomparable. His generous offering of many aspects of rhythm play and a plethora of resources to explore, created a training both broad and deep. His enthusiasm and clarity in the aliveness, joy and all inclusive benefits of rhythm play infected us all. Whether you're a beginner or someone looking for more experience, give yourself the gift of this training.

Leena Dillingham, CFMW
Access Facilitator

Having had no previous training, I was apprehensive about learning to facilitate and play the drums. Nevertheless, the experience was life altering. Kenya is a generous and compassionate educator and the communal learning environment was invigorating. I left feeling confident in my ability to facilitate others and, more importantly, I became acquainted (perhaps for the first time) with my own internal rhythms. Kenya masterfully weaves an environment in which it is safe to risk and connect with others at the level of our own pulse. The result of this is a kind of humility and openness from which true learning can occur. Thank you.

Michelli Gomez, LMSW
Therapist, The Children's Bereavement Center of South Texas

Rhythm Play moved me from my "teacher" comfort zone and enabled me to envision ways to incorporate rhythm into my classroom lessons on a regular basis. I appreciate that the activities addressed learning standards, learning styles and classroom behaviors all in one. Did I mention that is was fun?!

Rahonda Everett
Fourth Grade Teacher (31 years)

Kenya's energy, openess and creativity make for an unforgettable experience. You will gain a lot of hands on activities for youth and adults from any background and develop great facilitative skills.

Michael Romero, LMSW
Program Manager, CIS Austin

In just one weekend [I recived] renewed energy and inspiration to truly follow my dreams, and [recived] the tools to realize those dreams in the real world. [The] Rhythm Play workshop offered a wealth of knowledge and resources for facilitating groups of all ages and backgrounds. I got great ideas for games and activities along with explanations of the science, psychology, and myriad benefits behind these exercises. I learned great leadership skills and got the practical experience of designing a rhythm class and facilitating a group. I would recommend Rhythm Play for anyone, whether beginner or advanced, who wants to bring the joy of drumming to others.

Michael Carberry
Teacher, Facilitator

How can I order a book?

Rhythm Play!™ is available in paperback with an audio CD or in Adobe PDF format.

For more information or to order your copy, click here to order Rhythm Play!™, or click here to e-mail Kenya.